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Why choose a Turkish House


Turks have a famous tradition of hospitality towards all, this is cenrral to the design of thier houses. They were designed for social living, family life and to acommodate the ebb and flow of guests that are a central feature of thier lifes, now as well as then. We value this greatly and wish to reflect these values in the houses we build.


Looking at Turkish houses from outside and in, they are easy to read, They were were not built higher than 3 storeys, have private walled gardens, often with a tree in the courtyard for additional shade There was an open plan to the house, designed to be cool and shady in the summer, with rooms leading off.


Local houses in this area were tradionally designed with an entrance hall, kitchen and living/dining room. Upstairs was a sofa an open space for greeting and entertaining  guests with low seating and perhaps a balcony or projecting cumba overlooking the street. The bedrooms and guest rooms led of from  here depending on how grand the house was.


To maintain our heritage and  at the same time build for modern living we take these elements and adapt some features. Outside staircases are now inside for example, materials are different but the heart of the house remains the same. The layout also works well in comparison to European architecture. The hall, rooms leading off and stairs to the bedrooms are common features. The houses were designed for local climate, to be cool in  summer and cosy in winter.

What is happening?

All over Turkey there is a desire to modernize, with a result that former ideas are being abandoned in the rush to built cities and high apartment blocks. Village houses have become concrete boxes, unhealthy but cheap to build. In tourist areas builders and customers  seeking common ground give rise to some unusual creations. We just ask why?

What are we doing?

Using the experiences of centuries, new ideas and materials we like to build aesthetically pleasing, well built, high quality good looking houses. These houses welcome their owners and guests with that same feeling of hospitality providing warmth and security and a fine place to live. we warmly invite you to come and see for yourselves.