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  • With great experience as builders and estate agents in the Dalyan area, we help both buyers and sellers meet their real estate objectives. We have extensive knowledge of each of the neighborhoods located in and around Dalyan, and we will work tirelessly on your behalf to make your next Dalyan home building, buying or selling experience a pleasant and successful one. When you buy or build your dream home in the sun, whether for investment, personal use or for rental income, Turkevi will be available to offer owners the very best support and advice. We can take a tax number for you and check if the property has a habitation certificate (living permit). Request your military search if needed. We will go to the cadastral office and check the title deeds , check boundaries etc and draw up a legally binding contract between seller and buyer and oversee all paper work .
  • Properties in Turkey remain relatively cheap, despite prices increasing dramatically during the 1990s. Although the market has been affected by recent financial events, it has proved to be much more robust than in many other countries. Since new laws came into force allowing foreigners to buy land, both demand and prices have increased. Prices, particularly along the coast, are rising rapidly, and are expected to continue to do so over the next five to ten years. Foreign Buyers - Principle of Reciprocity Foreigners can buy and own property in Turkey following the principle of reciprocity: if the foreigner's home country allows Turkish citizens and organisations to buy property, then the foreigner may, in return, buy property in Turkey. Foreigners who come from Canada, from the majority of European Union countries including the United Kingdom, and from the United States can own property in Turkey. Exceptions within the European Union are citizens of Belgium, Cyprus, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. There are, however, further restrictions for foreigners wishing to buy property: • There are restrictions in small municipal areas which have fewer than 2,000 registered inhabitants • Foreigners may only purchase a maximum of 30 hectares of land; anything larger requires a permit from the Turkish authorities • Foreigners cannot purchase property within a military zone To ensure that all the conditions are complied with, military authorities check the details of the buyer and the intended purchase before a sale is allowed.
  • Properties have to trade with all legal regulations. This means; the selling contract has to be signed in the presence of a land registry officer. A Birth certificate or a valid passport with two extra passport photos is also needed. After the documents you have taken all the required documents to the Land Registry Office, the investigation stage begins. If all necessary documents are completed, the land registry officer calculates the fees and taxes that have to be paid. For more legal information: Link (
  • Once an offer has been accepted the buyer will need to open a Turkish bank account, passport photocopy will be needed and you will need to obtain a tax number from the tax office . A 10% deposit of the total property price is required and the contract needs to be signed by both parties. The military check will then be requested. The approval process takes about 6 weeks. Once military approval is received the buyer is then informed and the buyer then arranges to pay the remaining 90% to the seller and on the same day all the relevant documents are taken to the land registry and the title deed is transferred to their name . if the deeds state land , we will change this for the buyer to property deeds . We must inform the council a purchase has been made and deeds have changed names. The Electric, water, internet and phone will need to be changed to the new owners name. In addition to the property price there are the following additional costs: : For changing deeds from land to house about 150 GBP 3% estate agency fee (of the property price) Deed transfer tax on the declared price of the property.